Two Amazing Miracles

                         This is a video that shows how God healed two people

                                         in Zimbabwe  who were dying of Aids ....

            He not only healed them but totally 'restored' their lives to His Glory! ..... 

                                                   Their 'transformation' is amazing!

Mission to East Africa

In January of 2019 I accompanied Joe Shepherdson of 'Restoring Life Ministries'                                                      

                          On a 12 day mission to Kenya .. Uganda and Burundi.

                                                  800 plus were saved - 300+ healed

                                                                    GLORY TO GOD!

                                                   This is a short record of that trip

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A Wheelchair for Mungi

In 2017 whilst overseeing the construction of our church meeting place in Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe, we met Mungi, a  severely disabled boy of 12 yrs old ...... Our hearts went out to him, and on our return to the UK we set about raising the £3,500 it would take to get him a specialised mechanical wheelchair..........

               In April of 2018 my friend  Ed Tillyer,  and I delivered a custom made  wheelchair to little Mungi 

                                This video is a record of that trip

Our Early Work in Zimbabwe

                             Here is a video of some of our early work in Zimbabwe 

                                                                    from 2007 to 2012 .....

                                     Many healings .. deliverance's and salvations ..... 

                                                                        All Glory to God!


                              A slightly 'quirky' christian song about how the unsaved 

                                                               are blind to the gospel! ..

           I  wrote and recorded it back in 1995 ..... made the  video for it in 2018!

                                                     I think it works ...... Check it out.