What are they all about?


Right at the very beginning there was only ONE rule! … 

Two people .. one rule.

Can you imagine that? …. Living under just ONE rule ……. “Don’t touch that tree in the middle of the garden …. Because if you do … you’ll die!”

No other rules … Except a command to “Go and make love” (‘Fill the Earth and multiply’) .. and to have dominion over every living thing on the earth … Delicious food (fruit .. berries and nuts) everywhere .. all they had to do was 'tend' (care for) the garden'.

But they blew it! ….. They disobeyed God and allowed sin .. (which has subsequently devastated the world) .. to enter the scenario… This was ‘The Fall of Man’ .. We could not keep just one simple ‘rule’.

Think about how many rules we now have to obey in the complexity of day to day life! …

Legal rules … Social rules … Traffic rules … Family rules … thousands and thousands .. the list is endless!

Some 2,500 years later .. at the time of Moses .. God gave to man a new system .. Ten simple rules. Ten things to observe and live by ………..  And had man been able to comply and keep these ten simple rules … they were the 'blueprint' for the perfect society!

But of course .. if mankind couldn’t keep just one … then he certainly couldn’t keep 10! … and since then  (for the most part) .. people have chosen to disregard these rules.

This is one of the main reasons why the world is currently in the state it is in ... Of course, none of this took God by ‘surprise’ … He gave these laws knowing full well that man would not keep them.

Their whole purpose was to show fallen man his complete inability to adhere to God’s Holy law.  

We have in essence ignored 'Makers Instructions' .. It's no wonder we now ‘malfunction’ on so many levels!

In any society .. if  individuals are not functioning correctly, then  families  will not be functioning correctly … And if  families are not functioning correctly then there's no way that societies .. (which are comprised of individual families) .. can be functioning correctly!

And so it continues, right up to National and subsequently 'World'  level ... Take a look at the news on your TV!

It is also worth noting that the instructions given to Moses were not ten  'suggestions' .. or ten  'good ideas' …  but they were COMMANDMENTS!

Mankind ignores 'commandments' from God at its peril.

What most people fail to understand is that these Laws .. these God given rules .. are still in force today .... If you have not accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour then when you die you will be judged against these rules.

Here they are as a modern 're-statement'.

The Ten Commandments:

1. "Do not put anything before God your Creator." (Make Him No1)

2. "Do not make or worship idols." (As well as false religions and cults this also includes: Pop Stars .. Celebrities .. Football teams etc.)

3. "Do not take the name of God in vain."

 (Use His name as a swear word)

4. "Take one day of complete rest each week, in honour of God."

5. "Honour your father and your mother."

6. "Do not commit murder."

7. "Do not commit adultery."

8. "Do not steal."

9. "Do not tell lies"

10. "Do not desire other people's partners or possessions "

So … if you answer honestly … how do YOU measure up?

Have you always put God first?

Have you ever used the name of God or Jesus as a swear word?

Did you always honour your father and mother? (Be obedient and respectful)

Did you ever steal anything? …(even a pencil from school counts!)

Did you ever tell a lie?

Did you ever look at someone else's partner with lust? .. Or envy something of theirs?

These questions only relate to six out of the ten commandments and I guarantee that you have broken at least two and probably more.

So the question is: … When God judges your life against these ten simple rules … will He find you innocent or guilty? ….  Bear in mind also that Jesus said "If you break one of these commandments - you are guilty of all"

Yes … it's a sobering thought to suddenly realise that you will one day stand before God and He will find you GUILTY.

There will be no escape .. no plea bargaining .. you will stand justly condemned by your own actions.

God is completely and totally just and always does what is right … You may feel you’re an okay sort of person …. But if you’ve transcended God’s law … (which EVERYBODY has) .. you can only be found ‘guilty’! ….. 

You may well be saying .. " But I'm not a bad person ... I don't hurt people ... I give to charities and help others" ......... Consider this: if you were caught by the police for murder .. or theft .. or any other transgression of the law .. what sort of a judge would say …  "Oh well … you said  you're not really a bad person … so I'll just let you off".

No .. you would be subject to the penalty prescribed by the law. And it's the same with God.

We are ALL guilty of breaking His laws … and all due to pay the penalty when we die.

I am sure you have seen posters saying .. 'JESUS DIED TO SAVE YOU' … Save you from what?

He died to save you from the penalty due for breaking God's law … the sin of breaking God's Commandments.

We are all guilty and deserve God's punishment under the Law .. BUT .. God is also a God of love and mercy.

With great love and wisdom He made a way out – He sent His son to die for YOUR sins

Jesus endured the agony of death on a cross so you could be free! …..


All YOU have to do is realise and confess to God that you have broken His laws .. sincerely ask His forgiveness … and then put your trust in what Jesus did on the cross 2,000 + years ago!

" Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." ... Acts 4:12