King of the Jews


Jesus - Yashua - King of The Jews - Son of YAHWEH - The Living God

Things the bible says about Him:

Whoever hates God's son hates God himself!

The Messiah will return to the land He departed from - ISRAEL.

Jesus came from the line of King David

God made an everlasting agreement with Abraham and his descendants.

"I will bless those that bless you - and curse those that curse you"

[Genesis Ch12v3]

The present condition of the world today hinges entirely on the way each individual nation has treated Israel and The Jewish people.

Many empires, nations and secret 'organisations' have attempted to wipe out the Jews.

None of them will ever succeed.

Those who attack Israel fight against God.They are motivated by the spirit of lawlesness - The very spirit of Anti-christ.

We must pray for their salvation - for their eyes to be opened to the great evil they are blinded by.

As we near the construction of the third Jerusalem temple and the subsequent revealing of 'the man of sin' (Anti-christ) .. we must also pray for the Jewish nation to realise that their Messiah has already come - that their hope lies only in Jesus.

The one who will soon return at the head of an army of the redeemed .... those who are washed in His precious blood.

Nigel Partis

The Third Temple

The plans are all 'drawn up' and the darkness moves forward 'hell bent' on completely enslaving the majority of the human race who have not found salvation in Jesus.

Click below to see an excellent video.

Secret plans to build the 3rd temple