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  • I have been following different posts from various interesting and obviously caring people, and have noticed that many of them purport to be ‘Anarchists’ … or at least to have some sort of affiliation or cognitive leaning towards ‘Anarchy’. I grew up in the 50’s when the general formative impression … at least where I was educated … was that an Anarchist was a bomb throwing ....... (the kind that are round with a fuse and say BOMB on the side!)..... trench coated,  purveyor of skulduggery ….  A la Spy versus Spy in the old MAD comics … (much beloved in my youth). …….. However:- A little investigation discovers that the term is loose in the extreme,  with differing factions ascribing to it a whole host of varying and non-specific meanings in terms of overall ‘anarchist’ intent.

The actual word anarchy in the original Greek is - ἀκαταστασίαi (ak-at-as-tah-see'-ah) …. Literal meaning: disturbance, upheaval, revolution. First in the political, and thence in the moral sphere …….. It is derived from another word – anarchos .. meaning:- ‘one without rulers’

Anarchism holds the State to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful and seeks to bring about a state of society without government or law. …  Many anarchists oppose all forms of aggression, supporting pacifism and non-violence …  However, others have supported the use of roughshod coercive measures,  including violent revolution,  attacks upon other persons and damage to property.

So the term is in reality …non-specific ….      Under the ‘label’ anarchist you can it seems,  be either a peace loving pacifist,  driven to peacefully demonstrate by your sense of outrage at the wrongs you perceive, ….....  or alternately, you can be as violent as those you despise! ….. This is in no way an accusation … it's  merely an observation from which I shall draw certain conclusions.

Throughout history myriad factions of men across the globe have postulated endless ways to reach ‘utopia’ and ensure that every individual lives a life of freedom and security in their particular societal model ……  Many of these systems ‘on paper’ look great ….. history records their rise ….  And then, their ultimate fall … and why? …..  In every single case it has been because of HUMAN NATURE …..

Whichever system springs up to replace the oppressive and corrupt thing the previous system had become,  itself inevitably becomes infected.  Greed,  lust,  envy, megalomania and all the other negatives perpetually attendant upon humankind once they have acquired POWER,  start to become evident …. The old saying ‘Power corrupts’ is universally true when man is at the helm. The greater the power … the greater the degree of corruption ….  Regardless of whatever level of ‘noble aspiration’ initially launched any given ideology or political goal.

So ….were you ‘Anarchists’ to achieve your goals and get rid of the present corrupt system,  so that we had neither government nor law,  how, please tell me,  would you then feed everybody? 

 (Yes I agree the current system sucks,  but we’re talking about infrastructure here) … How would you prevent all the unscrupulous dealers who would inevitably spring up with small armies and take over any available food and hold consumers to ransom? …..  Medicines? …. Hospital treatment? … Water? ….. ELECTRICITY!


I have been in countries across the world where law and order has broken down … and it is frightening and dangerous ….  And as usual .. the poorest are the ones who suffer the most …. And that has generally been because a group or faction ‘rose up’ and ousted the oppressive regime … then had NOTHING to put in its place except unbelievable hardship and degradation for the people it had ‘freed’!

It is naïve in the extreme to say we (a world population of roughly 7.2 billion souls) could all be self sufficient ….. not because there is not enough food in the world .. or resources to grow it … BUT because of man’s inherent GREED!

I personally hate so much about this self centred,  hedonistic,  ‘what’s in it for me’ global society we all find ourselves in …. But the anarchic destruction of one ‘house of cards’ system would only be replaced with another equally unstable and dangerously teetering one,  doomed to collapse with an even greater crash in a much shorter space of time!

 Political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control WOULD BE HORRENDOUS! … Far worse for everyone than the lying oppression we have at present ..

The only thing that type of Anarchy would achieve would be confusion,  disorder, violence and the breakdown of society ........  leading to greater hardships than many folk are undergoing already. 

The fact is,  the New World Order dudes,  alongside the Illuminati and the rest of the global ‘elite’ have got it pretty much sewn up in human terms ..... (They think) …..  And they will most certainly not relinquish their hold on the 'gold' so to speak. They control all the armies, .... and all the economies of the world (which they have unfailingly manipulated for centuries) and  they will continue to do for a short while ……

However ......  the repression, hardship and devastation  of that which is very shortly coming upon this fallen earth ….. makes the current corrupt systems look like a jaunt in a shabby holiday camp!

The world is in total confusion .....  War,  famine,  disease,  poverty, ignorance,  civil unrest and misery are widespread and growing worse.     Where are these conditions leading and why is this happening?

Read Mathew Ch. 24 (New Testament) for a clear and staggeringly accurate description of where we are right now ....... and keep in mind this was written over 2,000 years ago!

The world is drifting along like a drunkard,  swaying and staggering,  about to fall face first into the gutter .......... yet oblivious to what lies ahead. The average person has no idea what the future holds—and many do not care.  Few are concerned beyond “tomorrow” - and fewer still remotely suspect the devastation that is coming in our time.

 Turmoil, fear and confusion now grip many nations of the world ........... while others bask in luxurious apathy thinking they are 'safe and prosperous' when in reality they are demonically deluded. 

Terrorism and economic upheaval combined with bizzare and furious weather are generating widespread uncertainty  everywhere. 

Many sense that the ethnic, political and religious differences between (and within) nations are intensifying and threatening to spin out of control.  (Exactly as Jesus described in Mathew Ch. 24) .... New and different political and military power blocs are forming, with traditional alliances wavering, waning or disappearing altogether.

Despite the laudible efforts of certain organisations, ominous signs of increasing difficulty in resolving humanity’s most fundamental problems abound..... Many sense that the world is hurtling towards deepening calamity...... . Disease, famine and war intensify across the planet as never before. 

New strains of virus and diseases are continually emerging and old ones are re-emerging more virulent than ever. Famine now decimates vast areas of the worlds population.

 Weapons of mass destruction, so incomprehensibly lethal and devastating that they boggle the mind, now threaten the continued existence of all humanity - like nothing previously in history. Many nations are learning to live “on alert” to terrorist cells, which can strike anywhere without notice ..... the result of which is increased 'paranoia' and depression.

Yet the BIBLE, the book that many these days deride and dismiss, clearly prophesy's all this ..... and more! 

Whatever you may believe,  please bear with me and read on …. the bible quite clearly states in its last book, Revelation,  that just prior to Jesus's return, there is an incredibly evil man coming …. The bible says he will come via a system called ‘The Beast’ …. (A corupted religious system)  He is known as The Anti-christ........ and he is here already!

He will appear to be the ultimate Anarchist .... (in the literal sense of the word) ..... Someone who wants to change the 'established' order of things ... to bring about 'freedom' for the masses.... And he will be incredibly succesful .......... So much so, that the bible says 'The whole world wonders after him'!

Loosely speaking he will rise to power and appear to ‘pull it all together’…… but he will be a most evil and satanic character and will enslave millions and millions of people … He will instigate a system called ‘the mark of the beast’ (probably a micro-chip inserted under the skin) ….. and anyone who refuses to have it will not be able to buy or sell anything (food.. petrol .. whatever) ….. remember he will be in control and have the allegiance of the police and armed forces…. Some sort of religious world dictator. ...... Now who do you think that might be?

This was prophesied to happen over 2,000 years ago ….. that is stunning …. 

Because so many other biblical prophesies have come to pass … this one will too … and very soon people! 

If what I am telling you is true …. And I’m not just some ‘religious nutter’ …then you really need to know more about this as it will soon affect every area of your life.

There is much,  much more to this subject …. I will post more if you send me honest questions ….. I have been studying Eschatology (The end times) for 35 years. …………………. 

There is only one solution to what's coming ..... Get yourself 'right with God' ..... and the ONLY way is by recognising that you're a sinner and accepting salvation (that means having your sins forgiven by accepting that Jesus died on the cross for you .... because you have broken God's laws) .......

ANARCHY will never work ....... because of HUMAN NATURE

Nigel Partis

People say I'm theologically confused .... but God made this stuff  and,  oh wow!  colours man!

People say I'm theologically confused .... but God made this stuff and, oh wow! colours man!