Accounts of Holy Spirit miracles touching lives in Africa and elsewhere!

We were first led to 'go to the nations' back in 2001...  Many souls have since been saved, healed, delivered and set free. 

Still Small Voice Ministries Directors

Nigel Partis


Director & Founder of SSV Ministries - 40 years a Christian - Moves in the Apostolic gifts - Church planter - Evangelist.

Erika Partis


Co-founder .. wife of Nigel .. 25 years ministry experience .. Moves in the gifts .. Peacemaker.

Ministering in the Bush


We have a strong healing ministry and are equally at home in the African bush, or at a church conference or evangelistic meeting.

Welcome to Still Small Voice Ministries!

Here you will find VIDEOS of some of our various ministry trips,  showing 'REAL TIME' miracles, and TESTIMONIES to the things that God has done ...... There's also free downloadable CHRISTIAN MUSIC ...... Lots of PHOTOS and  several BOOKS Nigel has written, that you may like to purchase ...... In the 'MORE' section are various ARTICLES and things of interest.

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About Us


Leading Pastor Max's uncle to Jesus.

From 1964 I was for many years a professional soldier .. then in 1972 I became the bodyguard for one of the richest men in Europe. ..... I was violent and unprincipled ..... A liar and a thief. .... It was during this time that I was introduced to  Marijuana, and, seeing the potential to earn lots of money I soon became a drug dealer! ...... Within a few years I was addicted to Amphetamines and hit a low point in my life .........

But God had other ideas ..... whilst living a 'hippy' lifestyle in the hills of West Wales in 1979 I had an amazing encounter with The Lord Jesus Christ and my life was forever changed!

Right from the start I experienced mighty moves of the Holy Spirit, but like King David I had a 'weakness' for the opposite sex, and in the mid 80's my marriage fell apart and I wandered back into some of the 'worldly' things I had been set free from ..... However, I never walked away from Jesus, and in the early 1990's I met Erika, who has been my wife for the last 25 years! ..... She is an amazing woman who also moves in the gifts of the Spirit. Totally supportive, talented,  loving, and sold out for Jesus!

Between us we have 7 children, 15 grandchildren and one great grandchild! 

The 'prodigal' returned and Father put a cloak around my shoulders and a ring on my finger .....  After some intensive 'training' and prophecy, in 2001  He began  sending Erika and I all over the place to minister ....... Egypt, Tunisia, Malta, Germany and several locations in the UK. ...... in 2007 The Holy Spirit made it clear we were to go out to Zimbabwe and God 'engineered' it that we would speak and minister  at a church conference in a place called Hwange, about 100km from Victoria Falls ..... He miraculously provided all finance for flights and accommodation, and as we ministered the Holy Spirit manifest and many were healed and delivered of demons....... We have since been back many times.

Now, 12 years on we have planted two churches in Victoria Falls .... one in the town .. one rural, and have experienced many miraculous moves of God ..... We have since also ministered in , Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Greece and Florida.

I have  written several books ...... (one being my Autobiography Spiritual 'Disneyland') which details the miraculous way God moved us from a life of drugs and crime, into international ministry. 

To access various ARTICLES I have written go to the MORE section at the top of the page.

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The Church in Vic Falls


In 2014 we began construction of the first Still Small Voice Ministries church building in Victoria Falls next to the house of our senior pastor Max Ncube.

Our rural church


This is Pastor Fanwell Hadebe and his wife .... When we first met him he was dying of Aids ... but God restored him, anointed him and raised him up to lead our rural branch.

Miracles and 'Favour'

The 'ULTIMATE LODGE' - Vic Falls

After ministering at our first conference in Hwange - Zimbabwe back in 2007, we had three days off to 'see the sights'. So we went to Victoria Falls and the Lord led us to the 'Ultimate Lodge' - A world renowned hunting lodge. It was run by Russell Caldecott - a very famous hunter who had turned over a Land Rover some years before and was paralysed from the waist down. He was in a wheelchair.

Initially, he was less than enthusiastic when I explained who we were and what we had been doing ..... and even more so when I said we had hardly any money left and could he "do us a cheap rate"! ..... He growled and skulked about a bit murmuring something about 'running an effing charity' .... but then suddenly he just looked at us and said "Okay, you can have a chalet and meals for one third usual price"! ........... This was a place where millionaires came, so one third usual price was still way more than we had ..... and when I said "we've only got $200", he just looked at me with a fixed stare for a few seconds and then laughed and said "I'll get someone to take your bags"

We really 'clicked' with Russell and on the third morning he sent us on a day 'safari' to Chobe National Park in Botswana ... gratis! ...... By the end of our short break he had invited us to stay at Ultimate Lodge (at greatly reduced rates) whenever we came to Zimbabwe! .... God's favour!

We accepted his kind offer and for the next few years whenever we came to Zimbabwe we stayed with Russell. Eventually at his request I wrote his biography...... 'Legless'

Sadly Russell passed away with throat cancer in 2014 ... but not before he got gloriously saved through the prayers of his mother and others...... We shall meet again!

As previously mentioned ... Erika and I have experienced many miracles and the favour of God on our lives and ministry ..... We have seen people dying of Aids healed ..... People dying of Tuberculosis restored to full health ..... blind eyes opened and all manner of sickness dispelled by the power of the blood of Jesus. ......... Have a look at some 'documented' evidence  along with other aspects of our ministry by clicking the VIDEOS link at the top of the page.  


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